Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Uncorked! - 5th Anniversary of the Natural Perfumers Guild

The natural world became a refuge that got me through difficult times during childhood. Interestingly, if one reads or hears first hand reports of peak experiences they are almost without exception expressed in terms of unity with the natural world. Psychologically speaking this experience can be described as witnessing the natural world with a very low level of pre-occupation with self. Moments in this state of mind are a consequence of any sensible meditation training.

I take this as a starting point because the natural world is our best resource for getting in touch with our natural inherent sanity. Words like awe and gratitude commonly appear when people describe the experience. Awesome doesn’t count because it has been devalued by overuse when referring to trivia and even on some occasions trash.

As an adult I found myself running Aqua Oleum and essential oil Company, which gave me access to many natural raw materials. This combined with my love of cooking and wine evolved into six years of experimenting which resulted in Essentially Me and working as a perfumer.

Recently I spent a couple of weeks on a Greek Island and it was early summer. The island is strewn with olive trees, various citrus, wild herbs and scent rises from the warm earth mingling with floral and citrus notes that are wafted around by a gentle breeze. The odour of sanctity.
In fact the local name for a particular tree is angeliki meaning angel. Smell was a very important and intimate part of the experience of being on the island. I was so inspired by the scent of angeliki that my next project is to create a fragrance based on its gardenia, orange blossom notes. That will be another blog.