Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Heart and Soul of Paxos

Some of the ancients believed that the aroma of a flower was its soul. Be that as it may scent can certainly evoke the spirit of a place in one’s memory. I love Paxos with its ancient olive groves at different times of the year but undoubtedly the best time to come for aromatic adventures is in early summer. I have recently finished working on the two perfumes inspired by the angeliki tree that I blogged about earlier in the year, which I hope to make available soon. We have to finalise the artwork but I've included here one of the evocative images created by our incredibly talented designer.

A very dear and old friend of mine took his last ever holiday on Paxos at my recommendation. Shortly before he went I had an email from him telling me that according to a national Sunday paper Paxos was the most boring of all the Greek Islands. ‘It sounds great and I’m really looking forward to it’ was his comment. I, too, am looking forward to returning to Paxos in just a couple of weeks time for a three week stay.

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