Thursday, 26 November 2009

Moths and White Blooms

During the Country Living Christmas Fair we found ourselves opposite a stand with some very interesting jewellery. Further inspection revealed insects to have been the inspiration for perfectly cast silver pieces using a technique which utilised oxidation to throw into relief incredibly fine detail.

Lucy the jeweller, we later discovered had been fascinated by insects since childhood and fine tuned the casting process for her M.A. The link between Lucy’s work and ours was a perfectly cast moth (all the insects Lucy uses died of natural causes). The moth features in the centre of Fiona Owens’s narrative painting on the history of perfume because it is the creature on our planet with the most highly developed sense of smell.

Some years ago the WWF conducted a survey about our relationship with animals and how much we cared about the possible extinction of different species. The conclusion was that the larger the animal the more we cared. It is of course ignorant and sentimental to prefer one part of the eco system over another but the consequences of losing bees as we know from recent coverage would be catastrophic. Without moths we could kiss goodbye to all those wonderful heady white indolic night scented flowers, which I celebrate in my White Blooms fragrance.

After a hastily called meeting of the finance committee it was decided that my business partner Sian should honour the moth and Lucy’s radical counter culture eco vision by buying it. Lucy was equipped with a sample of White Blooms and a card, which explains the amazing capacity and function of the moth.

Link to Lucy's Website

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  1. Oooh - gorgeous!! What I would really love is a bespoke Scent Locket!